Bosa-Alghero coastal road

Alghero and Bosa are linked by a panoramic coastal road which is 50 km long and along which there are some breathtaking views to admire. The landscape is characterised by pink trachite volcanic cliff faces, sandy and rocky coves, bizarre rugged-shaped hills that change colour according to the time of the day.

In addition to the historical remains such as the ancient watch towers (Torre Badde Jana, Torre Argentina) and the Nuraghe Appiu, the immense naturalistic patrimony of this territory is evidenced by is beauty. In this part of the coast there are aromatic plants typical of the Mediterranean flora. The griffons, golden eagles and peregrine falcons that nest in the cliffs can be can be admired soaring high above.

For all of these reasons, in 2013 this routewas proposed as a UNESCO World Heritage location.

Bosa-Alghero coastal road - Photo: NetFabric Web Solutions